UCD UK Conferences was set up by Karl Smith after a conversation with several people. Two of them were prepared to give a commitment of their time Chandra Harrison and Be Kaler. From the start each of the three bring a different perspective which they are blending to deliver the UCD2012 Conference.

Chandra Harrison

Chandra Harrison Founder UCD UK Conference

Chandra Harrison Founder UCD UK Conference

Chandra is a passionate usability and accessibility specialist, with a strong applied background complimented with extensive theoretical knowledge gained through industry based education. Chandra specialises in solid user research, both qualitative and quantitative – formative and evaluative, and advocating for users in the design process.

Chandra’s research has been published in industry text books, journals and international conference proceedings. She is a member of the British Computer Society, Association of Computer Machinery and the Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors in the UK. She is also a past President of the User Experience Professionals Association UK

Be Kaler

Be Karle Founder UCD UK Conferences

Be Kaler Founder UCD UK Conferences

Be, is a well known and respected recruiter, often invited to speak at conferences and offer opinion on how the User Experience market is changing and growing. She has specialised in user experience for half of my 18 year career in digital recruitment. She is an adviser and lecturer to new graduates joining the industry, coaching and nurturing new talent. I was recently invited to join the BIMA board and help work with the executive team to grow the digital industry nationally.

I am known for a slick, knowledgeable and passionate approach to recruitment, I have a vast and deep network of people at all levels of user experience and have been key to building core teams within digital agencies and internal teams in telecoms, broadcast, finance, government, retail and web and software companies.

Futureheads is an exciting digital recruitment business launched in September 2009 by four highly experienced and successful digital experts. Respected as passionate advocates of a professional, knowledgeable and no-nonsense brand of recruitment, we forge long-term partnerships with our clients, understanding their business drivers, helping them define their requirements and ultimately offering them the best candidates to suit their businesses. We bring strong ethics to our relationships and business transactions and invest time and energy in helping our candidates exceed their career expectations, nurturing alliances that continue for many years. We offer a sound knowledge of the digital industry, a vast network of contacts and an impressive track record in sourcing and securing the best talent in user experience, project management and creative & front end technology.

Karl Smith

Karl Smith Founder UCD UK Conferences

Karl Smith Founder UCD UK Conferences

Karl Smith works on the leading edge of what business, customer and digital means, where it’s going and helping clients to understand what they need to do now, to still exist in a shrinking global marketplace. He works in Digital Transformation and is also involved in defining how an open IoT ecosystem will work with blockchain and AI avatars in order to bring the massive economic and social change promised.

He has been involved in Human-Centered Design as a catalyst for Transformation and Change in organization, services, products and processes professionally since 1989. As a Strategist, Consultant and Architect; instructional designer, information architect, user experience architect and customer experience architect focused on customer engagement He works through Paradigm Interactions as an Interim Director and consultant in the fields of Digital Transformation and Strategy using Customer Experience as a catalyst for change and IoT, IoA, Smart Ecosystem Experiences.

He tends to be involved in M&A activities on the due diligence and verification side of what is being offered by a company. He also works on the integration strategy, service or product restructuring, key staffing and market proposition modeling. Lastly, he works on VC exit strategies for clients, directing a refocus of company activity, launch of new offerings using market insights and invention to get businesses in the right situation for exit.

He is also one of the founders and directors of UCD UK Conferences in the UK which organizes a yearly conference on UCD. He is also a Founder of The Human Centered Design Society and (Industry Members of The All-Party Parliamentary design & innovation group in Westminster) a Global Membership Organisation. He is a public speaker on subjects including Human Centered Design, Smart Technologies, Innovation, Smart Living, Internet of Things, Ubiquity.